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Tou & Associates Limited was formed in 1994 and has been active and successfully undertaking work in Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario. Our Experience covers areas such as historical buildings, commercial buildings, libraries, schools, restaurants, institutional buildings, industrial facilities and tenant renovations. The size and scope of these projects vary from small studies to large comprehensive designs. Our clients consist of architects, developers, property managements, school boards and government agents.

Established as our company's standard guideline, we work with the design team developing servicing concepts at the earliest possible moment. This allows maximum possibilities for the mechanical systems to be integrated with the architecture rather than imposed on it. Early establishment of the building standards required in different areas of the building will minimize surprises during the working drawing stage.

Our offer of services generally covers the preliminary and final design, the preparation of tender documents and general review including the review of shop drawings during construction. All working drawings are done on AutoCAD.

We are licensed under Professional Engineers Ontario and have obtained the designation of Consulting Engineer. We carry professional liability insurance as recommended by the Professional Engineers Ontario.