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What We Do

HVAC Engineering and Design

We specialize in heating, ventilating and air conditioning for every type of building, from the smallest to the largest installation. Our services include all phases of work: surveys, analysis, studies, reports, design, specification, contract management, and supervision.

Plumbing Engineering and Design

Our plumbing design includes utility coordination, domestic water, sanitary-industrial-grease waste systems, natural gas, compressed air, low and high-rise buildings, process point of connect, filtration, and pressurization.

Complete List of Services

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
Plumbing & Drainage
Fire protection
Radiant heating and cooling
Displacement ventilation
Geothermal heat exchange systems
Life-cycle cost analysis
Existing condition surveys
Due Diligence Investigation
Load calculations
Process piping
Energy code compliance
Mechanical master planning
Control systems
Building automation
Emergency generator and UPS Systems
Construction Budget Estimation
Construction Administration Services